We develop plans, policies and actions that allow for the fulfilment of your company’s needs in human resources related subjects. Always with your business’ strategy and objectives in mind.



We build – solidly and systematically – a list of responsibilities in your company. This is a vital tool in supporting the several human resources management



We assist you in building a competency framework for your business. This document will provide you with an overview of your company’s real needs regarding your employees’ degree of knowledge.



We work to place the right people in your company. This is achieved through solid competency analysis methodologies. Our objective is to retain quality employees, the ones that make a difference.



We make good use of strategies, media, experiences and tools that will better allow your employees to perfect themselves and to develop new fields of knowledge relevant to the good performance of their duties.



We design the future of your business through the creation of career plans for your employees, which allows the implementation of your organization’s strategy, guaranteeing an effective succession as well as motivating them.



We create means to amplify quality data produced in your business. This way, we aim at providing your organization with knowledge of the work in progress and how to stimulate good relations between employees and teams, through the promotion of high engagement and critical thinking.



We implement readjustment processes of your team. We work with your business’ board of directors to find viable options for everyone involved.



We develop a remuneration and benefits policy aligned to the compensation principles of your business, so as to boost your employees’ satisfaction levels. Packs of complementary benefits may also be developed.



We create a series of personal key indicators of your staff, fundamental information for your organization’s decision-making in matters of human resources.



We study your business over time. The search for continuous improvement goes beyond management indicators. Climate indicators, culture, satisfaction, motivation and productivity, among others, should also be considered.